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Legal Alert - Taxes - Make sure you ALWAYS pay the man

Updated: May 1, 2019

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Don't get yourself in trouble before you even get on your feet.

Legal Alert - Taxes

You are young.

You have time.

Here's a cheat sheet for you --> Young Entrepreneurs FREE SBA course

(The U.S Small Business Administration (The Government) Has a FREE course for Young Entrepreneurs- this course helps you with ALL the legal stuff in just 30 minutes)

Make sure you take the proper steps to pay your taxes

  • Choose a business name

  • Get a Tax ID# - So you can pay your taxes - You can most likely use your Social Security Number

  • Open a Business Account - to keep your money separate

  • Legalize it - Register your business with the government - Federal & State Government

  • Charge customers tax, because you WILL have to PAY TAXES

  • Track your expenses - keep your receipts

We know it sounds like a lot, but try


I absolutely believe in TURBOTAX -->

I have used this software since I was 16

This is my BEST FRIEND at tax time.

No stress tax filing. They just ask you questions , you plug in the answers & you are done!! Best of all you can try it free!!

If you don't like the number at the of the process...simply don't file & get a second opinion.


Make sure you take the proper steps to pay your taxes

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